Cheap Wedding Cakes to fit your Budget

You might envision having a large, towering cake with lots of decoration in your wedding colors, but these cakes can be quite expensive. Consider these ideas for stylish and cheap wedding cakes to help you stay within your wedding budget.

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Traditionally, one thing that every wedding has is an elaborate cake to serve at the wedding reception.  Not only is the cake the finishing touch to the meal, it can be the centerpiece of many wedding celebrations. And of course there is the much-anticipated photo opportunity of the newlywed couple cutting the first piece of cake together and feeding it to each other; sometimes smearing on each others face.

Keep the tradition alive with these creative ideas for cheap wedding cakes:

Choose a smaller local bakery: Sometimes where you get your cake is a big factor in the price. My husband and I bought ours from a small bakery and only spent $100. on it. True, we did have a small wedding with only 40 guests, but a larger cake from the same bakery still would have been under $200. (We have friends that spent $5000. on their cake!!) Our cake was every bit as delicious and beautiful as I expected it to be! (See a photo of it on this page.) The point is, sometimes you are only paying for the reputation or advertising budget of the baker. Check around and compare prices.

Cup cake wedding cakes: One popular alternative to a wedding cake is to make or purchase cupcakes and display them in tiers. There are tiered plates for this purpose and the finished dish looks a lot like a cake. Decorated appropriately, cupcakes can be very classy, too. One decorating idea is to put the bridal couple's initials on each cup cake with icing. Besides being less expensive than a traditional wedding cake, cup cakes are easier to serve. And everyone loves a good cupcake!

Simple sheet cake: Instead of getting a large wedding cake to serve all your guests, buy a smaller cake for display and a simple sheet cake in the same flavor and frosting. When serving cake, serve the sheet cake instead of the decorated one. No one will notice where their cake came from, and it will save you a great deal of money.

Homemade wedding cake: Add a personal and tasty touch to your wedding by baking your own cake. If you're not a baker, perhaps one of your friends or a family member can bake one for you. Someone who enjoys baking might be honored to bake your cake as a wedding present to you!

Styrofoam cake: This may not sound attractive, but it can give your budget a break and create a stunning effect. Rent, buy, or make your own Styrofoam wedding cake. Supplies are available at most wedding supply stores and craft shops. Then frost and decorate it just as you would a real wedding cake. It will look much like the real thing, without the cost. When it comes time to serve the cake, cut a simple sheet cake and leave the Styrofoam one up for decoration.

If none of these options fits within your spending plan, you can opt to skip the wedding cake altogether and serve a different dessert. Including a few non-traditional elements in your wedding can make it more memorable and uniquely YOU!

Also see Cheap Wedding Cakes for more ways to save on wedding cakes.

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