A Wonderful Wedding

by Linda

Our wedding Party

Our wedding Party

I've been married happily to my first husband for twenty six years. When you meet the right one you shouldn't be concerned about lack of finances. You'll work things out together.

We met on a traveling youth evangelism team, so of course neither of us had any money. But people helped. Another team member made a beautiful three tier heart shaped wedding cake as a gift. Another friend coordinated a come and bring food with you type reception. That way everyone who wanted to come could.

I found my dream wedding dress in a shop window and copied it for $150 worth of satin and lace. No, I had never made anything like that before. I learned by doing it. Then my husband spotted sky blue material in another shop for just $1.50 a metre. I made three bridesmaids dresses from that. We bought white jiffy slippers for everyone so all the shoes matched, they cost almost nothing, and we were all very comfortable.

My wedding had twelve musicians - all friends and all free, since we played in the church band. Two of them designed and performed a dance for during the ceremony. I came down the aisle to an expert trumpeter playing a song he had written himself. All free and all very special gifts from people who loved us.

A couple bought us a week at a two story house by the sea for our honeymoon. Another friend did the flowers as a gift. Someone else had a Mercedes to lend. He drove it, of course, for the day. We banned speeches and alcohol so there was nothing to spoil the occasion. No one seemed to mind. Another friend did the photography. My bridesmaid did my hair. We were fortunate to be part of a 4000 member church with lots of talented people willing to give services for free. Cultivate your friendships. Be kind to people and they will be kind to you.

All up, the wedding with absolutely everything cost us about $400 from our own empty pockets. No stress, no bills, just lots of love to set us off on a lifetime journey together.

Did I mention that my sister - the one in the picture that looks like me, took the wedding dress, her bridesmaids dress and my little sister's dress, and did minor adjustments to use the same outfits for her own wedding just three months later. She's still happily married too. Our youngest sister still fit in her dress.

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