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Finding a Budget Wedding Gown

Budget Wedding Gown

You have probably been dreaming about choosing your wedding gown since you were a little girl! It is one of those special times that every bride-to-be anticipates with great excitement. Whether you are a girly girl or the plain and simple type, you no doubt have definite ideas about the image you want to present on your wedding day. And it is so fun to go into a store filled with clouds of silk, lace and tulle where it seems possible for you to be transformed into a princess!

Your wedding gown is an important part of the wedding tradition. Your guests will all be looking forward to seeing you in your gown on your wedding day, and your dress will live on for years to come in your wedding photos. You may feel certain that no budget wedding gown has a place in your special day, but don't be too quick to decide until you have explored the possibilities. There are lots of lower-cost options to consider.

When you are planning a wedding on a budget you may not be have thousands of dollars to spend on a dress. That doesn't mean you can't have a wedding gown you truly love. Here are some tips to help you save money on your wedding gown. Who says you can't be a picture-perfect bride while staying within your budget!

Budget Wedding Gown Ideas

Look for Clearance Sales. Bridal shops often sell off-season dresses and discontinued styles incredible discounts. Keep your eye open for these sales and for your perfect dress. When shopping at a clearance sale don't let yourself get distracted by the full-priced incoming stock.

Hire a Seamstress. For brides with a very definite idea of the type of gown they want, hiring a seamstress may be a good option. Find a picture (or several pictures is better) of the dress you like and have your seamstress make you a less expensive version of it. Your dress may be made more affordable if you use less expensive fabric, follow a less elaborate style, or just make some adjustments, like having a shorter train. You will want to find a seamstress who is experienced in sewing wedding dresses to make sure it turns out like you hoped.

Borrow a Dress. Your mother, aunt, cousin, sister or friend might have a dress that would look perfect on you for your special day. Wearing a dress that belongs to someone you love may make the day all the more special for you. If you do decide to borrow a dress, be sure it's within two sizes of what you wear in order for it to be altered properly.

Rent a Dress. Another easy and affordable option is to rent your wedding dress. Many bridal shops offer this alternative to buying your own. If you won't regret not having a wedding dress of your own to treasure, and maybe one day pass on to your own daughter, renting may be a very good choice for you.

Budget Wedding Gown

Buy a Used Dress. Some brides sell their dresses after their big day. Look on Craig's List or eBay to find one that suits you. There might also be some consignment shops in your area that sell used wedding dresses.

Buy from Brides Against Breast Cancer . One more place you can look for a wedding dress is Brides Against Breast Cancer. This is an organization that women donate their used wedding dresses to, and they are resold at a discount to raise money for breast cancer. They have sales in various places in the United States.

By following these tips for finding a budget wedding gown, you will be able to make the entrance you envisioned without going over your wedding budget.

Home > Frugal Wedding Ideas > Budget Wedding Gown

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