Buttons reused, but as buttons

by Rosa
(New York)

One thing I do with buttons is I cut them off any clothing that is beyond salvation, that will be discarded or cut up for rags. I keep a "button box" full of these buttons, and I have saved numerous other blouses, coats, etc.

For anyone who has ever lost a button from a coat or blouse, this idea can be a real lifesaver. I dug in my button box to find several matching buttons for a favorite green blouse when I lost a button from it, and I also went to the button box to replace a large "inside" button on a long leather coat. In both cases, it saved me from having to buy new buttons, and the clothing is still going strong. I do this regularly.

I also put any extra buttons that accompany blouses in the box. And sometimes, a thrift store item can be rejuvenated by going to the button box - attractive new buttons can jazz up a dated blouse.

Editor's Note
Thank you for these great ideas, Rosa!

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