Cardboard boxes

by Christina Vogel
(Mandan, ND)

I take cardboard boxes from the store/packing boxes from moving and make them into furniture. If your kids are as hard on furniture as mine this makes for an easy way to replace furniture for next to nothing.

First take and flatten the boxes. Then go back and glue (school glue or wood glue)them together until you have a thick enough block for your project. Let dry over night. Next, use a small hand saw (power saws will shred the piece)and shape the piece to the form you desire. If adding legs to your piece for chairs you can take 2 inch diameter tree branches (or store bought or legs from another piece) and screw them on going from top to bottom. Finally, take a latex paint and paint (keep in mind that spray paint will cause the piece to disintegrate the cardboard).

Editor's Note: What an creative money-saving idea!

Here is another super recycling project for large boxes: Make a cardboard play house for you little ones.

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Mar 14, 2014
Reusing Cardboard Boxes
by: Jeanie

Toss out the flimsy and bent ones - what I'm talking about are the really sturdy ones - those that look like they have some type of plastic coating on them. I never throw away a good box - I've always found them useful. To store them, I break them down (cut the tape at the top & bottom of the box) and they will lay flat, then you can put them behind a cabinet or lay them flat somewhere. Always good for most any storage job, I've also repotted tomatoe plants in them- with success & I've also made a cornice board from them. You might be surprised at the many ways you find to use them --- don't just automatically toss them!

Jun 05, 2012
Radical Frugality!
by: Holly

Wow, Christine - I consider this radical frugality! Good job! Can you share some pictures of your creations?

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