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Make a Cardboard Play House

Guest article by Sally Moran

Since times are hard and play houses for kids are expensive, my husband and I decided to make a cardboard kids' play house for our two toddler boys for Christmas. We knew they would love it and wouldn't mind that it was free to make. We weren't disappointed.

My husband got a box from a local do-it-yourself home improvement store that they were just going to throw out. It originally held a large floor model tool box. The one we got didn't have a top and bottom to it - that part had already been cut out to flatten the box for disposal - but we made do with it the way it was.

We simply used packing tape to hold together the open sides and a utility knife to cut out windows. I then put up some scraps of fabric I had for curtains (attached with more packing tape) while my husband drew shutters and bushes on the sides of the box. He then added a doorknob using some wooden nuts and bolts from our sons' play tool kit. Voila! A fun play house they enjoy running in and out of.

The biggest hit for them is the little mouse door my husband cut out at the bottom of the front side. The boys love to push cars in and out of this door, with one on the inside of the house and the other on the outside. Kids love the simplest things!

Most things kids outgrew pretty quickly anyway, so we figured it was best to just make it as fun as possible for them without spending a bunch of money for something they would grow out of in a short while.

Home > Kids' Activities > Cardboard Play House

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