Cheerful and Cheap Wedding Venues

If you are planning a wedding, one of the first things you need to decide on is where you want to have it. If you have checked around, you may have been surprised to see the steep cost of the most popular wedding venues. With prices like these, you might be wondering if you'll be able to afford the wedding you wanted after all!

However, if you take a more creative approach and explore some alternatives, you will find that there are several cheerful and cheap wedding venues to choose from! One of them is sure to fit your dream wedding! Here are some venues you can explore.

A city park. Check out your local city or state parks and see if they can be rented for weddings. Some of these are open for public use without a rental fee. Look for one that has a fountain, a pretty walkway a gazebo, or other scenic backdrop for your nuptuals. With a few decorations, these outdoor areas can be set up to create a beautiful natural setting for your wedding.

Your backyard. If you have a suitable backyard, consider holding your wedding there. Make sure it has enough flat space for setting up chairs for the guests. If your yard isn't appropriate, a friend or family member may have one that would be the perfect setting. You can rent tables and chairs for your guests and even tents and/or a gazebo if you wish.

Community halls. Local community halls have rooms they rent for your weddings and receptions and most are reasonably priced. They will probably have a kitchen that you can use for preparing and storing food and may also have serving equipment. Tables and chairs will most likely be included, too.

Local church. See if your local church will let you rent the basement or hall for your wedding reception. Many churches have kitchens you could use as well. You may also be able to have your wedding ceremony in the sanctuary and keep the entire event in one place.

Your favorite restaurant. If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, that may be the ideal place to hold your wedding. Some restaurants have rooms set aside to rent, or are able to close off a section for private parties. For a smaller wedding, this could be a very comfortable and affordable venue. The one drawback is that you would have to order your food from the restaurant as well. If you had planned to save costs by catering it yourself, that won't be an option here. The good news is, you know for sure that you will love the food they serve.

Your favorite place. Forget where everyone else is going for their weddings. Be different and hold your wedding in a place that is special to both of you. Weddings have been held in places as unusual as laundromats (where the couple met), on roller coasters, and under water. Thinking outside the box may help you to find the perfect free or cheap wedding venue for your unique event.

Don't let high costs keep you from choosing a wedding venue you'll be happy with. With some creativity, you can hold your wedding in a cheerful venue without spending a lot of money.

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