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Consignment shopping is a good way to save money on clothing. If you have expensive taste in clothes like I do, resale shops can be a (budget) lifesaver!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that second-hand clothes are inferior.

Just because an item is for sale at a consignment store doesn’t mean it can't be fabulous!

Many clothing consignment stores have brand name clothing in excellent or new condition.

Sometimes shoppers can even find unused clothing with the original price tag still on them.

Every consignment shop is different; if you don’t get a good feeling from the first one you visit, don’t give up – the next one may be just what you are looking for!

Find one you like and visit frequently - you never know what you will find!

What is Clothing Consignment?

How do clothing consignment stores work? Consignment shops accept merchandise on a consignment basis, paying owners a percentage when and if the items are sold.

Most pay consignors from 40 to 60% of the selling price, and have a policy of displaying goods for anywhere from 60 to 90 days, although there is a wide range of policies.

Some resale shops also purchase additional items outright from individual owners and/or wholesalers.

Notes for Successful Shopping

  • For the best selection, shop early in the season. Resale shops take summer items starting as early as March, and if they are very busy, they may sell the best items before summer actually starts!

  • Keep in mind the location of the shop. Clothing consignment stores tend to reflect the neighborhood where they are located. If you want upscale consignment clothing, try to shop at a resale shop in a high-end neighborhood.

  • Know the retail price of the item to see if you are saving money and, if so, how much. This includes knowing your brands - if you know whether this great-looking blouse was originally sold at Saks Fifth Avenue or at Sears, you will have a better idea of how much you are willing to pay for it.

  • Don't trust the size on the item's label. Different brands size their items differently, so you should always try the items on before buying.

  • Be flexible and creative! A budget fashionista should be inventive and imaginative. Enjoy the freedom of choosing your own unique fashion look rather than being influenced by the styles that designers have chosen for this season!

  • Pay attention to the tags. Lots of resale shops use color-coded price tags to tell when an item was brought in to the shop which relates to pricing. For example, all red tag items may be 50% off, all yellow tags 25% off, and the blue tagged items may be new arrivals and be selling for the full price on the tag. Ask a sales person to explain the store's system to you.

  • Only buy items in like-new condition. You should only shop at clothing consignment stores that sell items in excellent condition, always check all items carefully and know the store's return/exchange policies before buying. Consignment shops do screen the clothes before accepting them, but sometimes they miss something.

  • Since the inventory changes daily, you should check in often. Resale shops' prices are often so good that merchandise doesn't hang around for long. Don't forget: if you don't buy it today, it may not be there tomorrow!

  • Check out all sizes (it could run large or small or be mislabelled) and areas of the store: Does the shop have a designer area? A clearance rack? A back room?

  • Form relationships with the owner or the staff - relationships can go a long way toward making your clothing consignment store shopping experience a pleasant one. The people that are in the shop every day see what comes in and can keep an eye out for sizes or styles that you are looking for.

  • Sign up for the store’s mailing list to receive sale notices and other information.

Home > Frugal Fashion > Clothing Consignment Stores

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