Extra Income Ideas

Whether you are saving for something special or just trying to make ends meet, if your budget doesn't stretch as far as you need (or want) it to, you might want to consider some of these extra income ideas as ways to bring in some extra cash.

Sell Something

Go through your storage areas and see if you can find some things of value that you no longer use. What about all of that scuba gear you bought 10 years ago? If you don't think you will ever use it again, get it out of your garage and make some money on it! For tips on finding items to sell, see my declutter page .

There are many options for selling your stuff:

  • Have a garage sale - Having a garage sale is a good way to turn unwanted items into big profits! It may be the right option for you if you have a lot of smaller items to sell. 
  • Consignment selling - If you have a few larger items or clothing and/or furniture in very good condition you may want to check into selling them on consignment. This option can be more profitable for items of higher value. 
  • Amazon.com - amazon.com is a great place to sell used books, movies and games. It is very easy to register and list items for sale. Amazon takes care of the billing and shipping charges and notifies you when an item has been sold. All you have to do is send it out to the buyer and collect your earnings! 
  • Craigslist or eBay - listing single items for sale on one of these sites works well if you have a few high-ticket items that you want to sell. 

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog or a website this is an almost effortless extra income idea. The idea behind affiliate marketing is that you market someone else's product or service on your web page. When a person follows a link from your advertising page and buys that product or service, you earn a commission. You must first register with the company and get an affiliate ID.

Get Paid for sharing your Opinion

There are survey companies that will pay you to answer surveys. Here are a few to check into:

Survey Savvy

American Consumer Opinion

Rent out a room

You can earn a substantial amount of extra money by renting out a room in your home if you have the space for it. There are many things to consider before making the decision to share your home with a stranger, though, and you should make sure you are prepared for the commitment involved.

Earn hobby income

You may have thought that the things you do for fun were just that - fun; but have you ever considered making a profit from your hobbies? You may be able to!

Write an E-book

You can earn extra income by writing about a topic of your choice and selling it as an e-book. This book will teach you how to write, publish, and market your own e-book and will guide you through the steps using tools that you already have on your computer, and tools that you can download on the Internet, for free.

Click Here to download Create Your Own E-book.

Start your own website

A very effective and fun way to earn money at home is to manage a website.

When I was looking for extra income ideas my sister recommended using Site Build It to start a website. I knew nothing about writing or creating a website, but she told me that SBI offers a unique opportunity to create a website about a topic that you know and care about and earn money from home on a part-time basis. There are no large investments required, and no special expertise is necessary. I now know first-hand that SBI does truly provide a unique experience in website development.

Discover The Magic of SBI

Solo Build It Testimonials:

"I feel so fortunate to be a part of it and I suppose I'd be considered "one of the lucky ones," living the best of both worlds... at home to raise my kids, giving them the gift of always being there for them, while running a successful business at the same time. Passion, freedom and fulfillment... does it get any better?!"
~ Michelle Schill

"Solo Build It! helped us to build the business that made this opportunity possible, but we also realized Solo Build It! had given us something more than the potential financial gain of selling the business. Solo Build It! has given us freedom. We have total control of our business (and daily lives) and the merging of our business would mean giving away some of that freedom."
~ Jerry Mack

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