Make a Felted Wool Oven Mitt or Pot Holder

When I decided to felt wool, making a felted wool oven mitt was the first project I thought of doing. Wool is naturally fire retardant and when felted it becomes thick enough to make an excellent pot holder!

What you will need

All you need to make your own felted wool oven mitt is:

  • A piece of a thick felted wool sweater*

  • A marker

  • Sharp scissors

  • Some heavy thread

  • A needle with an eye big enough for the heavy thread

* If your felted fabric is thin, you may need to use an extra layer. Cut four pieces instead of two, and sew two of them together at the bottom of the mitt before sewing around the hand.

You can make a pattern with a piece of paper or cardboard, or you can simply trace around your hand or another oven mitt onto the piece of felted wool with the marker so you will know where to cut.

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  • Place a double layer of felted wool on a flat surface and trace around the pattern, your hand, or another oven mitt onto the piece of felt in the shape to be cut. Try to use a finished edge, such as the bottom of the sweater or a sleeve cuff as the end of the mitt. This will give it a neater look and save you some sewing.

  • Cut out the shape

  • Sew the edges together up around the fingers and thumb area with a blanket stitch leaving the bottom open to slide your hand into.

Voila! That's it! You have a great new oven mitt that you made yourself out of recycled materials! Doesn't it feel good? Keep it for your own kitchen, or give it as a gift. It would make a great addition to a kitchen gift basket!
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