Frugal entertainment: Fun, relaxation, and time with friends - on a budget

When looking for ways reduce expenses, entertainment can be one of the first things to go, but it doesn't have to be that way. It is easy to spend a lot of money on entertainment, but with a little thought and planning, we can have a lot of fun, relaxation, time with friends... whatever "entertainment" means to you, for less!

  • Movie nights. Movie nights are like game nights but replace the games with movies. Find a movie that you own or rent one and entertain a bunch of people for $5. or less.

  • Game nights. You probably have some board games in your house somewhere right? Chances are your friends do too, invite them over for frugal entertainment in the form of

    an inexpensive game night rather than a nights on the town. If you and your friends have young kids, you can even hire a babysitter and share the cost - the kids can have fun together while the adults enjoy each others adult company!

  • Join a babysitting co-op. If you would like the chance to go out with your partner without the kids, but don't want to pay the high cost of a babysitter, here is your answer!

  • One Dollar Movie Rentals. Red Box and Movie Stop boxes are cropping up in grocery and convenience stores everywhere. They are automated vending systems that rent movies for $1. a day - watch the movie the same day and return it within 24 hours and $1. is all you pay! Why pay $5. and keep a movie for a week if you only want to watch it once?

  • Visit pick-your-own farms. Take the family to one of those farms that allow you to pick your own fresh fruit and vegetables and buy them in bulk at low prices. Some farms will have corn mazes, hayrides, face painting and other family- friendly activities. Good exercise, frugal entertainment, save money on some fresh produce, and the kids will have a blast - what could be better?

  • Local college. If you live near a college, check out what frugal entertainment they have to offer. Many colleges have interesting and inexpensive (or free) plays, musical performances, a planetarium, etc. If nothing else the grounds are often nice to walk around for a change of scenery. Many also have old buildings or historic sites that may interest you.

  • Use the library. Why buy a book that you will read one time? Some types of books are useful to keep for reference, but most fiction is a one-time read - borrow it from the library for free and save the money you would have spent. Lots of libraries have movies and CDs, too. If you don't see what you are looking for make use of the library's hold system and interlibrary loans which allow you to request items from other libraries. The library will contact you when the item becomes available.

  • Trade. Another good way to find books that you want is to trade. Book Mooch and Paperback swap are two of the most popular trading sites for books. You list books that you have to give away and look for and request the ones you would like to read. There is no cost - all you have to pay is the postage on the ones that you send out.

    Book Mooch

    Paperback Swap

  • Save on Magazines Never buy magazines from the newsstand or the super market. If you buy the same magazine often, you can subscribe to it for far less. You can also read magazines in the library and can usually check out non-current issues.

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