Frugal Way to Reuse Spice Jars

by Cindy Burkins
(Shrewsbury PA)

I save the really small jars and bottles that food comes in such as mustard, pimientos, jelly, etc. These are excellent for spices and herbs if you want a really unique spice collection. I buy loose herbs and spices in the organic section of my local supermarket and keep them in these containers. (If you buy your herbs and spices this way, #1 - it's cheaper and #2 - you can buy just the amount you need.)

Just scrub the label off and use a Sharpie to write the name on or print your own label. They also have nuts, rice, dried beans, snacks, etc. in the organics section. Check it out!

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Feb 27, 2014
I save Everything!
by: Jeanie

Well, actually, I save most empty containers! My opinion is that most things can be recycled & reused and (especially) containers are no exception.

I save small yogurt containers to larger ones, coffee cans to ice cream containers to empty pickle jars. I save large plastic containers - the ones that hold detergent or vinegar or canola oil. Even if there is no lid or top, that is not a problem, there is also a use for these.

I use the ones with lids for left overs... (any food item gets a label). Larger empty pickle jars are perfect for freezing leftover soup or broth. I have lots of hobby items, so any size container is useful. The smaller yogurt containers without a lid, are perfect for mixing small amounts of hobby paints, Larger plastic containers with a handle can hold nails, nuts and bolts --- just cut the top off, leaving the handle. I always keep a large coffee can for accumulated gadgets - you know, those oddly shaped thingamajigs we have not idea what is. Empty spice jars can hold beads, buttons, or any other tiny sewing or hobby items. Some glass jars are lovely and are suitable for display while holding the beads or tiny stones or even seashells.

For the really creative person, these recycled containers can be decorated and painted, of course -- I usually don't but I do think about it. I keep my collection of empty containers in a large box, in a closet, in my hobby room, neatly stored.

This saving behavior of "useless" items may be misconstrued as a budding hoarder... I've thought of that, more than once... chuckle, chuckle. Because I choose to live minimally, reusing and repurposing is a must and it allows me to not concentrate so much on living on a tight budget, but being free to live, period! Repurposing is such a great feeling of resoursefulness and it brings forth a creative side that (I, for one) most do not realize they even have.

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