Shopping Garage Sales for Kids' Clothes and Toys

Buying clothes and toys for kids can cost a fortune, but if you are resourceful, there are ways to cut your spending to a fraction of that. One of the best ways to save money on clothing, toys, and other items for kids is to shop garage sales, yard sales, and tagsales, etc.

Here are some tips for shopping garagesales for children’s clothing and other items:

• Look in the ads for sales that specify children’s items or children’s clothing. If there is a phone number, call them to see if they have a size that you can use.

• Look for group sales. They are more likely to have some things that you can use and you can see the goods of many different sellers in one stop.

• Plan which garagesales you want to go to and map out your route. If the addresses are unfamiliar to you, you can do this by using MapQuest (or other online mapping software) using the “create a trip” feature. Look at the map page of your route and change the order of your stops to eliminate any back-tracking.

• Head out early in the morning to find the best selection of items. In some areas garage sales start as early as 6:00 am.

• Look at the pieces carefully to make sure you are getting what you think you are. If you get home and find a huge hole in the back of that shirt that was so cute, you have no recourse. Every sale is a final one at a garage sale!

• Try not to get distracted into buying things that you don’t really want or need (a ceramic chicken cookie jar?) – stay focused!

• Garage saleing can be hard work. Take a snack along so you don’t run out of energy before you are finished.

• If you take children with you, be prepared for them to want to buy every toy they see! Plan for this and give them a small amount of money (in coins) to spend on whatever they want, but let them know that they must choose wisely. It will be a good lesson in budgeting for them!

Garage sale tips Having a garage sale of your own is a good way to clear out outgrown items and make room for new ones!

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