Hobby Income: Make extra cash from your hobby!

Most of us have hobbies, but may not think of hobby income as a valid way to make extra cash. In reality, many hobbies can be a source of significant income if you know how to go about it! Review the ideas here and then get creative with your own hobby.


If you are an artist or like making craft items, consider teaching art or craft classes. Many city or county recreation centers offer art classes for adults and/or children - check with yours to see if they do and if you are qualified to teach. Some arts and craft stores offer classes, too.

Also consider these other ideas for artists:

  • Sell crafts at craft shows or online

  • Sell your artwork on consignment through a gallery

  • Take orders to design custom pieces on commission

  • Enter artwork in contests that give cash prizes


If photography or videography is your thing, try selling stock photos online. Some sites where you can do this are: Shutterstock , Fotolia , and Dreamstime . More ideas on making hobby income from your photography or videography hobby:

  • Take wedding or event photos (or videos) for a fee. You may want to do some for a friend (at no charge) so that you will have a portfolio of work to show potential customers

  • Look into teaching photography/videography classes

  • Turn your images into greeting cards and sell them


If you are an animal lover, use that interest as a jumping off point for hobby income ideas. You can charge for grooming services, walking dogs or pet sitting.


If you are a musician, you might want to consider performing at weddings or similar events or teaching music lessons from your home or a local music store.


If writing is your hobby, you may be able to cash in on it in one of these ways:

  • Write a blog and sign up for Google Adsense (you will be paid when visitors click on the ads that are placed on your blog)

  • Write resumes or help others to write their own resumes

  • Write advertising copy for local businesses

  • Produce and sell an e-book


If you love to cook, check with your city or county recreation center or a local cookware store to see if there are any classes you can teach.

You might also want to:

  • Sell baked goods or fancy sauces, relishes or jams at a farmer's market or craft show

  • Cater weddings, parties, or other events

  • Hire yourself out as a personal chef

  • Make birthday cakes to order


Gardeners may be able to bring in extra income by:

  • Hiring out as a gardener or landscaper

  • Selling extra fruits and vegetables from their harvest at a farmer's market, a roadside stand, or to a local co-op

  • Selling home grown and canned produce at a farmer's market

  • Helping a farmer harvest his crops


If you are a fitness buff you may be able to teach an exercise class. Check with your city or county recreation center to see if they offer classes.

Other ideas include:

  • Leading hiking or rafting expiditions

  • Becoming a life guard

  • Hiring yourself out as a personal trainer


Some sports-related ways to earn hobby income are:

  • Umpire or referee.

  • Coach

  • Be a statistician or scorekeeper

  • Caddy

  • Freelance as a fishing guide, hiking guide or river guide

  • Teach your sport to others

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