Homemade Candles in a Teacup or Sugar Bowl

If you have (or can find) mismatched or odd teacups (or small cream pitchers or sugar bowls), you can make easy homemade candles tailored to your recipients tastes and decor. Flea markets, garage sales or your grandma's cupboards are great places to look for odd but pretty teacups.

You will need:

  • 2 cups, pitchers or sugar bowls
  • A 1-pound bag of soy wax
  • microwave safe container with pouring spout
  • dye
  • candle-fragrance oil
  • scissors
  • wicking
  • wick tabs
  • wood skewers or chopsticks

  • Follow the directions on the wax package for heating the wax and adding dye and fragrance.

  • Cut the wicking about 3 inches longer than the bowl is tall.

  • Thread the wicking through a wick tab and knot it at one end. Slide the wick tab down to the knot. Dip the wick tab into the melted wax to coat, then press down firmly in the center of the cup.

  • Tie the loose end of the wicking to a skewer (so it won't get caught in the wax), then rest the skewer across the top of the cup. Repeat this process for the second cup.

  • Slowly pour the wax into the cups and allow it to harden.

  • Cut the wicks right below the skewers - they should extend about 1/4 inch from the wax.

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