Inexpensive Favor Ideas

by Bridget

I got married last year in May. We were on a very tight budget so I did a lot of research online for making my own favors. What I finally decided on doing was mini candy bags. I used my computer to create a "tent" card in our colors. On one side I put our names and the date of the wedding, on the other side it said "Thank you for sharing our special day with us". I printed out two per card stock page and used a large paper cutter to cut them apart. I then used the little zip log bags I found at Walmart in the jewelry making craft area. I got some ribbon in a coordinating color. I had our kids (this was second marriage for both of us) help me make chocolate covered pretzels in both white and milk chocolate. I then put about 4 pretzels in each little baggie then closed the baggie. I then took the the "tent" card and folded it in half over the top of the zip lock bag used a hole punch and punched two holes through the card stock and zipper bag then tied the ribbon to make a bow. I placed one at each place setting. I originally was going to make my own personalized covers for Hershy candy bars but when I looked at the expenses it was cheaper for me to make the baggies. I wish I had pictures of them but for some reason they didn't turn out.

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