Living on a Budget by Making Better use of your Freezer

by Pauline

Cook double the amount for meals and freeze half for the following week. Chances are the cooking time is the same. Most soups freeze well too.

Instead of throwing away left over bread, blitz it in your food processor and save as breadcrumbs for coating escalopes of meat, adding to meatballs etc. - use straight from the freezer.

Freeze left over red and green chilis, root ginger, bell peppers (capsicum) and onions. You can use them directly from the freezer.

Freeze cookie dough in a long sausage shape - cut and cook as required.

When you have a stock of foods in your freezer, you save not only on time and fuel to go shopping, but eat better and more cheaply, and are less tempted to spend on take-out meals.

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