Love Letters Valentine Gift Idea

by Amanda

My husband and I met when we were living in different cities. We fell in love right away but spent the first year of our courtship enduring the distance between us. Neither one of us had a lot of money for visits and long distance phone calls (this was before e-mails, texting,and so many luxuries we have today.) We wrote many, many letters to each other over the months.

For years after we were married we kept these letters in boxes and put away never really thinking about them. Then, one Valentine's Day my husband presented me with a binder of our letters to each other. We were in college and had no money so gifts were really out of the question. He carefully cataloged all the letters in order by date and response and then put them in a binder.

It was such a simple thing, but was so touching. We now have them carefully preserved for our children and grandchildren to read one day. I thought this was more romantic than any chocolates or flowers that we could not afford at the time.

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