Making citrus cleaner out of lemon peels

by Karoline
(North Carolina)

Since winter is a great time for citrus, save orange and lemon peels in a bag in the fridge. when you have enough to fill a quart or half gallon canning jar, place them in the jar and cover with white vinegar. At first the peels will absorb the vinegar and you will need to add more. After about two weeks, the vinegar will take on a golden hue and will smell "citrusy". It is ready to be put into spray bottles and used to "degrease" just about any surface. I have even used it in the shower, with baking soda as the abrasive to clean through soap scum. No chemicals and quite a bit of savings over the store brand citrus cleaners.

Editor's note: What a great way to use something that normally gets thrown away! Thank you for sharing this - I can't wait to try it this winter!

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