My Best Wedding Day

by Amy Keegan
(Coos Bay, OR, USA)

on Choshi Bridge at Mingus Park, Coos Bay, Oregon, USA

on Choshi Bridge at Mingus Park, Coos Bay, Oregon, USA

My husband-to-be said "today is the day" I had said "yes" long ago but couldn't bring myself to PLAN a wedding day. So I didn't.

I had already broken the first ring he put on my finger. Then I lost the second one (found it in the washing machines sump pump a year later). On that day we quickly thrift shopped for a ring. It's only been two years since we said our "I do"s (married January 19, 2010~ today is October 10, 2012). I have been through many, MANY rings, and ring sets. I begged him from the beginning to just let me have the blingy cheapos ($10.50!) so I could have a new one each month. LOVE MY RINGS! A "real" diamond ring would have brought us much grief. I'm not much for wearing jewelry anyway.

For the rest of the wedding, he had gotten a hold of a gal from our local community college who does Reverend stuff on the side and she was available that day just after 4pm. (for $50) So it was set. He called every "Matt" we knew hoping at least one of those guys would show up. (Lots of friends named Matt..) was decided that was how it would be and that was how it came off.

Mad Matt brought a big bag of bird seed. Children threw it in the air. The birds got feed. Matt"O" our "best man" in his dreadful dreads wore a beautiful vest that his wife had made him ..nearly stole the show..see my patchwork skirt? I was wearing a brown silk skirt under for the weather was frigid. Our Reverend said that our wedding day was truly "how it should be." It was the most beautiful wedding ever. Friends surrounding us, on what another might consider a whim, children out numbered the adults that day. It was fabulous. We did not spend much money at all. Nothing new was purchased for the event. Nothing went to waste. There was no pomp and bleh..I can't stand that kinda thing anyway. Who wants to be bored anyway? Ours was a fun wedding that began a little after 4:20pm.

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Oct 11, 2012
So Fun!
by: Holly

What a great story! You truly made the day your own - good for you!

I can totally relate with your "Matts" - we had a lot of friends named "Dave" - to the point where everyone just started calling everyone else "Dave" (kinda like saying "Dude" - haha!)

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