Small Jars

by Cindy
(Shrewsbury, PA)

I use small jars such as the ones pimientos or the tiny jars of mustard to store herbs and spices or other things such as buttons, needles, paper clips, etc.

Shoe boxes: I keep my dress pumps in the original box they came in but the box my sneakers came in, my granddaughter (she's 4) and I made a treasure box for her. I covered it with pretty fabric using spray glue then she decorated it with buttons, lace, stick on butterflies, and bows. She loved it!

Old cigar boxes are excellent for crayons, colored pencils and markers.

Plastic butter bowls and sour cream containers are good for sending goodies home with friends and families. You don't care if they come back! (The containers, not the people).

Gallon sized containers with screw on lids are perfect for keeping dog and cat food fresh until it's needed.

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