Special Baby Shower Gift: Handmade Nursing Necklace

If you need a special baby shower gift, consider giving a handmade nursing necklace. You can be sure that the mom-to-be won't get five of these! This unique gift idea is quickly gaining popularity among those in the know about what hip moms wear!

If you have spent much time holding babies and young children, you know that they love to grab and pull on anything that you are wearing: glasses, jewelry,

hair.... What better gift for a new mom than a necklace that she can wear that will attract baby's attention (away from glasses and hair!) and can withstand pulling!

Nursing necklaces are designed to be stronger than ordinary necklaces so that tugging and yanking are not likely to break them, and they have no sharp edges that can hurt baby. (These are to be worn by an adult - never give them to children to play with unattended.)

While nursing necklaces are especially useful for mothers of young children, they can be worn by anyone. Even women that live in jeans and t-shirts can express their individuality with these simple and sturdy necklaces. They look equally classy with a business suit on Monday morning or at a rock concert on Saturday night!

Holly&Sage has an extensive selection of nursing necklaces under $20. They are available in a variety of colors and designs. If you like the earthy look of natural gemstones, you will like the Earth Mama Organic line made with natural semi-precious stones such as jade and lepidolite on natural hemp cord.

Please remember that Holly&Sage jewelry is created primarily as artisan jewelry intended for adults - and just like any other jewelry, should not be used as teethers or toys; nor should an infant or toddler be left alone with these or any other necklaces, as the beads are a choking hazard and the cord is a strangulation hazard.

They are made with glass and gemstones and have not been designed to be used by children. Please use common sense with all your jewelry!

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