The Ultimate Frugal Bride

by Lorelie

The Pulgas Water Temple California

The Pulgas Water Temple California

I guess you could call me the ultimate frugal bride. I have always been on a tight budget so I guess it comes naturally. Thrift shopping is one of my favorite pastimes.

Our dream wedding was not the usual but it's what we wanted. We only invited our closest friends and family and we stuck to that. I think it was 25 guests. It was a very casual outdoor wedding at one of the most beautiful places in California, the Pulgas Water Temple, pictured above. (Free!) Now that is what I call a bargain!

A justice of the peace married us. (nominal fee) He was over 6 feet tall and stood on the steps of the stone structure, which was kind of funny. It was like being married by The Incredible Hulk!

My dress was a plain white cotton strapless princess line purchased from a sale rack at a department store.($50) I added trim, gathered up the skirt a little to give it some movement and added little mock sleeves. The bridal bouquet was simple lilies and greens tied with ribbon. ($25)

The wedding cake was a DIY home made carrot sheet cake that I made and decorated with love bird penguins on top dressed like a bride and groom. They were formed with bowling pin pans. (Don't ask)

The reception was at my mother-in-law's house and was very casual. The food was taken care of by a few of my girl friends. There was a bucket of beer for all and champagne.

One of Scott's brothers gave us the gift of a video of the entire celebration, and my sister-in-law was the official photographer. My other brother-in-law (who is not so frugal, but very generous) gave us our honeymoon!

We stayed at Ceasar's Palace in Nevada. Wow what a treat, especially for the ultimate frugal bride and groom!

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